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Our apologies, as this website is in the process of construction, it is not as complete as we would like it (or as polished) so for now, here is a list of  Services but if your requirements are not mentioned below please do still contact us to see if we can help you.

  • Lawncare: including scarifying, aeration, levelling, top dressing, overseeding, maintenance programs and organic management

  • Hedges: pruning, reduction, trimming and shaping;

  • Small tree pruning, shaping and removal;

  • Drive and patio maintenance, including power washing, repointing, levelling etc.

  • Garden clearances and tidy ups; are you selling a house and want the garden making respectable to help with a sale or moving in and want a clean slate before working on your own ideas;

  • General garden maintenance programs, will be offered on a Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze basis (full details will be set out here soon) but in essence, the level of service you require will be based according to your the timing you require i.e. weekly, bi-monthly, monthly etc. or the budget that you wish to spend;

  • Water features including pond construction

  • Decking, patios and path construction and other aspects of hard landscaping 

  • Design advice and consultation

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