My name is Andrew Garside and I am the founder and owner of Intelligent Gardening.

A qualified solicitor, for 10 years, I knew that there was more to life beyond the confines of the office walls. Having a love for gardening and the outdoors generally, I started offering advice to friends and neighbours with garden and landscaping projects in my spare time. I realised I could make a living, working outdoors, doing something that I am passionate about and so here I am and we are! Intelligent Gardening.

Why Intelligent Gardening? As a business, we want to find the best solutions to deliver the best results in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. It is sometimes a balancing act of competing interests... much like a garden!


As gardeners or indeed businesses we must consider the environmental impact of what we do. Choosing organic options where possible and recycling where we can. That is something we like to practice and we try to encourage our customers to think the same way.

That is our way, to garden in a way that is better for you, better for us, better for your garden and the creatures that live within it and better for the planet.

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